A Once in a Lifetime Experience
Wills Point District Teacher of the Year 2010

September 19, 2009


Well, after several years of very rewarding teaching, I have spent about 3 exciting months reaping benefits being nominated as my district's Teacher of the Year.  It was pretty labor intensive - I had to write 7 essays to turn in with my application.   We all competed for the Region teacher of the year - which will move one teacher forward to state and finally be included in a possibility as a national winner.

The picture above is the display at the Region X Service Center in Richardson.  My picture is on the last column on the right -3rd from the bottom in a green top.  Here's a close up:


Our first experience was a luncheon in Garland put on by Region 10.  It was very special and had delicious food.  My principal and superintendent went as well.  Robin was able to go as my guest - which was really special to me. The keynote speaker was Tom Schieffer, the younger brother of Bob Schieffer who moderated the last Obama and McCain debate.  He's running for governor and I am very impressed with his stand on education.  He used to be the president of the Texas Rangers. His sister was a teacher, and so he instigated honoring teachers with the Teacher of the Year night at Ranger Stadium.  I am so blessed to have been a part.

This picture is my principal and me after the luncheon in August.

Robin is really good at those one-handed camera shots. :)

One of the highlights of the award was the Ranger's game Teacher Appreciation night.  It was aMAZing. They had us meet in the some type of press room where they gave us instructions, hats, and a little $$.  Then we all walked through the underground breezeway and waited at the field for our time to walk out on the field.  As we walked out - they announced we were teachers - and the crowd stood and cheered.  I cried and felt really stupid doing so - but it was so MOVING.  It turned out to be an important game for the Rangers so the stands were completely full for the game.  Here are a few pics either I took - or Ryan. It was SO special having the two boys there with me.

Momma and the boys on the way out the door.  The teachers had a special shirt and hat we were supposed to wear.

Here's Evan waiting, and waiting and waiting.  It was a long time before they were ready for us to walk out on field.

They had plenty of time to check out the cute little bat girls, too. :)

Another waiting experience.  We are all lined up outside the media room waiting to wait in another line. :)

We're about ready to walk out onto the field.  It was exciting being this close and seeing everything at eye level.

I snuck out of line to get a closer picture of the field and crowd.

I took this one just as we walked out.

Jumbotron!  Wow!  The video showing above the text is all of us standing on the 1st base line.

Here we are walking out and enjoying a very moving standing ovation from the crowd.

It was so neat seeing Ryan and Evan in the crowd. 
They had moved down close to the lowest row and Ryan was able to get some great pictures.


They gave us each 2 balls that were used in batting practice
and imprinted with a wonderful teacher quote and the date from the day.

Ok - bad story about Nolan Ryan.  Just as he came down the line to shake our hands (which was a big surprise) Ryan and Evan were stopped by a security guy and told "When you're through taking pictures you'll need to move to your seats- but feel free to stay until you are finished." 
Well,   uh . . duh.  
So as soon as he moved away from them - they saw a guy in a red shirt shaking teachers' hands - but they had no idea it was Nolan Ryan! Not only did they miss a picture of me getting to shake his hand - but they missed even knowing he was on the field at all.  Ryan didn't even get one picture of him! He was so frustrated. I did get to take a couple with my hokey little camera, though. 


Last picture of the night.  God ended a very special evening with a spectacular sunset. I wish I could have captured the deep pink and dark purple of the clouds.  Just a great evening from start to finish.  Thanks to all who made it possible.

September 19, 2009