Breanna's Birthday and visit with Evan

December 19-20, 2009

This is a good beginning pic to set the tone of the day. :)

Of course, the wrapping paper was more fun than the gifts. :)


. . a closer view


A video of the fun


. . . and another

Here's the family:  Alice, Brandon, Brent, Adele and Breanna.


  What a good sport!

I don't know if it was more fun watching Adele - or Breanna!

  Uhoh - where did the cake go?







Uncle Charlie was there when she'd had enough wild fun and needed some sleep.





Let's not forget a very important member of the family:  Molly.

We sure enjoyed a few hours with Evan and seeing what a great dog Titus has become.

Does he love the song or hate it? We sure enjoyed the show!


There's never enough time.  :(